Get a friend to do the following steps with you. If you don't have any, you can just do it yourself with two different ports.

Both of you

  1. First, install P2PSC.
  2. Also make sure to install Ngrok and set it up.
  3. Run p2psc ngrok 1337.
  4. In another terminal, run ngrok http 1337.
  5. Ngrok should display a bunch of urls on the screen. Find the one that looks something like
  6. Enter that url into P2PSC when it asks for a hostname.

One of you

  1. Get the other's peer string; it should look something like /peer
  2. Paste it into your chat, and you should now be able to chat with one another!

Why does Ngrok have to be used?

By default, P2PSC is only exposed to members of your local network, 99% of the time this means only people connected to the same WiFi network as you. Ngrok is a service that can let people elsewhere to connect to P2PSC.

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